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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Post thanksgiving blues

Friday was a hard day for me.

Kilo wanted bacon egg mcmuffins for breakfast, one of foods that I love to eat.  Kilo cooked the bacon outside to not smoke out the whole house, and I cooked the eggs and muffins.  It was hard to make them for everyone else to eat and not get one.   I did have eggs, cheese, and a small amount of bacon.  I still ate well but it was hard emotionally.

Then Mellissa decided that she wanted to make sugar cookies.  My all time favorite cookie.  So for the next few hours she had the kids helping her to cut and cook sugar cookies.  It is awesome that she likes to cook, but she left quite a mess.

Kilo and I decided to be productive and so we carried out Mellissa’s old dresser and brought back in the 2 newly painted ones and hooked them together.   Then we went and attached CJbuddy’s since he couldn’t use his top one till it was connected.  Then we finished in the little kids room.  One of their dressers is on the heater vent and so we added holes to the bottom so that the heat can get out.   By then I was tired and completely done.

Kilo could smell a neighbor barbequing and wanted to do the same.  So luckily I have pre-homemade patties in the freezer.  So he grilled those up for dinner.  I ate mine without the bun.  They were yummy.

By the time dinner was done I was so tired from carrying and moving furniture and upset that everyone was eating my favorite foods without me, and the fact that I still haven’t lost any weight since surgery, that I cheated.  I grabbed two of the bite size cookies (pictured above in the center) the kids made and ate them.   They were small but by the time I had chewed them I felt so weak for cheating that I felt worse.

Over all I can say that was the first time since surgery where I sat down and cried that this might not have been a good choice after all.  Not that it is bad just that we spent all that money and it isn’t working.  Kilo assured me it was a good cause and to calm down but still struggling with this one.

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