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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Pre Thanksgiving Fun

Tuesday night was chaos with the kids.  That made for a bad evening.   Wednesday Kilo was off work and Mellissa had a full day play practice.  So we didn’t accomplish much except for some shopping during the day.   To make up for it we decided to go Ice skating that night.  We live near the Olympic Oval and the kids love to skate there.   For 2 hours we skated till all of us where tired and sore.  Spin cycle fell down A LOT, Mostly on purpose.  Erlop did the best she has ever done.  Last time we went skating she wouldn’t let go of us and this time she used the walker or did it on her own.

Some pictures from the silly day.  They are blurry because we didn’t take a real camera just our phones and they don’t do well with movement.

Kilo and the older kids goofing off at Wal-mart

Erlop and Spincycle resting


CJbuddy, Erlop, Mellissa, and mychicksmom

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