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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Weekend review

It is always amazing how fast life can take over.   Saturday I ate well and stayed at double the portions I should be eating.  It seems like a lot when I write that but I am trying to stick to less then ½ a cup of food per meal.  Once they fill the band I can lower that. 

Mellissa and I got her dressers and side table painted.  They look good but are still in the garage as I still can’t help Kilo lift the dressers.  While we did that Kilo made Spincycle and Erlop finally clean their room.  It was bad and got worse while I was out. 

Sunday I slept till noon.  Woke in a panic that I had less then an hour to finish my primary lesson and get everyone ready for church.  It was wonderful to come downstairs and find all the kids showered and dressed ready to go.

After church we didn’t go to my moms like normal because Mellissa had a young woman meeting that we went too.  They had a table full of baked treats for afterwards.  I was so good and I only had a cup of lemon water.   Yea!  Go me!

Over all it was a good eating day I thought, until Kilo recommended that I start a food diary to actually track protein, carbs, and calories.  So I put all my meals for the day on and was shocked to know I had eaten way more carbs then I thought (18) and I had only eaten 375 calories for the day.   I wasn’t even hungry. 

We are allowed to have up to 40 carbs a day but try to stay as low as possible.  The reason it shocked me is there were carbs in things I never would have expected. 

Monday Mellissa stayed home from school sick, so I sat on the couch and watched Twilight Breaking Dawn 1 and 2 with her.  Kilo was super disappointed that I didn’t accomplish more.  Then we went to Mother-in-Laws for dinner.  

They had agreed that they would let me know if I needed to bring my own dinner.  Since they didn’t call I assumed I would be okay.  Bad call on my part.   She did the sister-in-law's dinner request.  She chose ground hamburger with gravy, over mashed potatoes.   I had some of the meat with gravy and some salad.   One problem I ran into was the gravy was made by leaving the grease in the pan (instead of mixing with water).   It had a little too much grease and it upset my stomach even though I only had a tiny bit. 

Today has been a slow morning.  I spent the morning searching online for Christmas stuff.  Finally made a big decision today but can’t share yet as Mellissa reads these.   But Kilo and I are now super excited.  

Once I was done I decided I needed some exercise.  We have some workout videos in our collection so I picked the only one that says light and easy.  But still it killed me.  I only managed 15 min of a 45 min video.   I decided that is okay for now and I will make a goal to do 20 min next time.  

Today Cjbuddy has a field trip at school.   They are going to the space camp.   He is super excited to be the engineer for his ship.  And was even more excited when I told him the camp was at one of his favorite cousin’s school.  I hope he is having fun. 

Tonight Mellissa has a full dress rehearsal for her play she is in.  The play starts next Monday and she is getting super excited.   Since the little kids refuse to do chores if she doesn’t have to we will see what gets accomplished today. 

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