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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving Day 2013

We had a great Thanksgiving.   Tradition for our family is that we meet with Kilo’s grandparents at 10:00am at a restaurant called Chuck-a-Rama for the big dinner.  They pay for everyone that will come.   So all you can eat buffet, we usually eat so much we hurt by the time we leave.

This year I did really good.  I ate a small amount of turkey, and ham.  Some yummy baked squash they had.  Then I cheated at dessert, I had 3 bites each of bread pudding and apple crisp.   Over all I didn’t over eat, stopped when I was full, and other then the 6 small bites of dessert, ate what I was suppose too.

After dinner we all go to Grandma’s house for games, presents, and a talent show.   Mostly it is a way for Grandma to get everyone together to talk.  The kids love it because she always has little gifts for everyone that also includes some cash.   So we talked, and had fun.  For the talent show, Kilo recited Jabberwocky and showed off some of the home automation that he has been working on.  I showed off one of my cross stitches that I had finished and framed.  Mellissa recited the Gettysburg address that she memorized for school.  CJbuddy showed off his Origami one of his favorite things to do.  And Spincycle sang a silly song that he loves based off a singing bear he got at Thanksgiving from grandma 4 years ago.  Erlop said she was too shy and did nothing.

After the time at Grandma’s we went to Del Taco for some cheap tacos for everyone.  I chose to have an egg and cheese burrito.  Ate half of that, with the tortilla, but not bad of a food option.   Then we went to a 4:00 show of Frozen.  The kids had us stop and let them spend their cash from grandma on treats and then also had popcorn.   I was good and didn’t have any.

Finally at 6:30 we got home.  I was ready for dinner.  I had eaten the right portions and so was ready for the next meal.  Everyone else was still stuffed from earlier so I had dinner on my own. 

Over all it was a great day and very little cheating on food which is great for a day dedicated to food.


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