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Monday, December 16, 2013

One month doctor follow-up

Today was my one month follow-up from surgery with the doctor.  I was so ready for this since this would be my first fill in my band. 


From pre-surgery diet (Nov 3) through today.

22 pounds lost

Lost 1 inch the whole way down my abdomen.
Lost ½-1 inch on my arms
Lost ½-1 inch on each leg.

At the doctors today we did the first fill.  They had me lift my legs while lying on my back to engage the muscles and then he tried to poke into the port.  And he missed, and he missed, and he missed again.   After about 25 pokes he started to say that there was still to much fat between the port and my skin and we might have to wait another month and hope the fat goes down so he came try again. 

I was ready to scream.  There is no way I wanted to wait another month to hopefully finally start the process that I thought would start when I had surgery a month ago.   He decides to try one more time and finally was able to stick the port.  Hallelujah!!!!

So the standard first fill he does is 4cc of saline.  If I want more I will go back in a month.   Right now I am able to still eat and drink fine.   I did get full after less then 2 scrambled eggs today at 11:00 and wasn’t hungry again till 4:30.   Hopefully this will start the actual weight loss that I paid so much time and money to have. 

The doctor also sent home a disk with my pre-op pictures today.  

Monday, December 9, 2013

The terrible week from hell

This week is the definition of terrible both for the diet and personally.

Monday night we went to the in-laws for dinner like normal.   They had made Lasagna with garlic bread for dinner.   So I had green beans with some sauce from the lasagna.  Wasn’t enough food and I was not feeling right.   I decided to go watch TV with Spincycle and CJBuddy while they finished eating and cleaned up.  I was snuggling with Spincycle because I was freezing.  Next thing I know they are waking me up to leave.  I had fallen asleep while sitting next to Spincycle. 

Middle of the night I woke up with a fever and a massive headache.  I took some pain killer and went back to sleep.  By the time I woke up to get the kids up I was so sick I could barely move.  Kilo took the kids to school and I could barely breathe due to a sore throat, let alone drink or eat anything. 

When I went to get the kids from school I decided this wasn't just a cold and headed to the doctors.  They did a rapid strep test (I had white patches) and it came back negative.  So feeling sad that things didn't get better went back home to feeling awful.  

By Wednesday morning I was still getting worse.   I had a really high fever that wasn't going down much even on full pain killers.  As the day went on I felt worse and worse. 

That night at 9:00pm I get a call from the doctor.  The culture test for strep came back positive.  So they called in some antibiotics.  Kilo wanted Yogurt Land so we got some on the way there.  I decided to have some with him since I hadn't got any food down all day.  It felt so darn good. 

Thursday I spent most of the day drugged up and sleeping still feeling awful.   My mom’s side of the family had a big Christmas get together planned for that night at a local roller skating rink.   She wanted me to come despite not feeling well.  So I drugged up good and we went roller skating.  Kilo and the kids had a BLAST. 

We at the karaoke party room, so when the kids were tired from skating they had treats and singing they could do.   I mostly watched because I still felt terrible even with the double dose of pain killers.   But I did borrow the kid’s scooters and go around the rink a few times. 

Friday I am still not feeling quite human yet.  Still can’t eat and super sore throat.   The kids had wanted to go see a free gymnastics meet at a local college.  But it was also payday.  So I did the shopping because we were out of food and by that time I was so done for the day.  So we talked the kids into staying home and doing a movie pizza night instead.  I was grateful they stayed home as I fell asleep again during the movie.

Saturday we went and saw Hobbit with Kilo’s family.   I was starting to finally feel slightly better.  Then I went home and got the younger kids ready for a family outing.  

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has a big block they own here.  Each year they decorate it with Christmas lights and nativity scenes.  Since I was a young child we have gone every year as a family. 

The last 10 years we have got together with my family and drove the Trax and Front Runner (mass transit train systems) downtown to see the lights.  It ends up being about a 6 hour event by the time we ride the trains, get dinner, walk around, and then ride the trains back. 

I reset my pedometer right before we left.  By the time I got home I had done just short of 7,000 steps.   Kilo says his was more then that but that is what mine said. 

Here are some fun pictures Kilo took




These are some my family shared on Facebook.
My family minus Mellissa
My family that came (half were home sick)
CJBuddy and SpinCycle waiting for train home

SpinCycle, Mychicksmom, Erlop waiting for train home

So the terrible week of sickness ended up with cheating eating because I couldn't eat most things.  I wanted to exercise this week and did none because of feeling so bad.  But on the bright side I finally broke my plateau and lost 3 pounds this week.  

Monday, December 2, 2013

Crazy play week

This week was a crazy busy week at our house which made writing things hard for me.    Mellissa has been involved with the school play for the second year.   This year they preformed a play called Honk Jr.   She was part of the ensemble and has been practicing the dances and songs since early September.

This week was performance week.   Since the school doesn't have a stage they rent one in the local big city.   So a 30 min drive from our house.   So Mon-Thur this week I had to take her and some of her friends on a 30 min each way drive then watched the play.   It was lots of fun to see the plays and most of the days didn’t care much about the drive.  Except Tuesday!   There was a HUGE snow storm and it was so super slippery and very scary to drive with 3 teenagers talking in the car.

Part of the cast

I did manage to eat good most of the week.   I even took the girls out for ice cream and didn't even have a taste.  

Friday we went to a local fundraiser for the children’s hospital.  They have people donate Christmas Trees and other Christmas items and then they display them for a weekend and auction off all the stuff off.   Because we donated a tree before, my kids love to go see all the new trees for the year.  

It is fun to go see but it is lots of walking.   After 2 hours of walking, we were all hot and tired.  So we went to where they sell treats.   They all decided to have frozen yogurt and I joined them.  So that food was not on diet but I needed something for me to eat.   It was lots of fun. 





Saturday Kilo took me to do massages and then dinner out with his family.   We went to our favorite stake house for dinner.   I had a small part of my fillet and broccoli.   It was a good dinner and still on diet. 

Over all it was a good but busy week.  I followed the diet really well still eating the 70-30 in the larger portions.  Weight didn’t change much but I measured so that we could see if I was losing inches.   So in a week or 2 I will measure again and see if I am losing there.