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Monday, December 16, 2013

One month doctor follow-up

Today was my one month follow-up from surgery with the doctor.  I was so ready for this since this would be my first fill in my band. 


From pre-surgery diet (Nov 3) through today.

22 pounds lost

Lost 1 inch the whole way down my abdomen.
Lost ½-1 inch on my arms
Lost ½-1 inch on each leg.

At the doctors today we did the first fill.  They had me lift my legs while lying on my back to engage the muscles and then he tried to poke into the port.  And he missed, and he missed, and he missed again.   After about 25 pokes he started to say that there was still to much fat between the port and my skin and we might have to wait another month and hope the fat goes down so he came try again. 

I was ready to scream.  There is no way I wanted to wait another month to hopefully finally start the process that I thought would start when I had surgery a month ago.   He decides to try one more time and finally was able to stick the port.  Hallelujah!!!!

So the standard first fill he does is 4cc of saline.  If I want more I will go back in a month.   Right now I am able to still eat and drink fine.   I did get full after less then 2 scrambled eggs today at 11:00 and wasn’t hungry again till 4:30.   Hopefully this will start the actual weight loss that I paid so much time and money to have. 

The doctor also sent home a disk with my pre-op pictures today.  


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