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Monday, January 13, 2014

My family Christmas party

Christmas this year was a little different for us then usual.   Usually we race through presents at home, then run back and forth between our two families.  The kids are so busy they never even get to do something with their presents.

This year we did it different.  My family decided to do Christmas the Sunday before when we were doing our regular Sunday night dinner.   Mom made a nice dinner and then we did our normal nativity pageant.  

Trying to get some order from the large group

SpinCycle dressed himself to be a wiseman

CJBuddy was the Inn Keeper

Mellissa decided she was too old to act.  So we played with the baby and directed.

Erlop as one of the choir of angels.

After the pageant, we did the cousin gift exchange.

Erlop got a kitty hat from her favorite cousin in a private exchange

Erlop got fun animal socks

SpinCycle got a Bay Blade Warrior

CJBuddy got a awesome book

Mellissa got a earring holder

Then we did gifts from my parents.

My parents got all the kids these cool bags with their names on them.

It was nice to not have to fit so much in to one day and have this fun with the whole family.

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