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Monday, December 2, 2013

Crazy play week

This week was a crazy busy week at our house which made writing things hard for me.    Mellissa has been involved with the school play for the second year.   This year they preformed a play called Honk Jr.   She was part of the ensemble and has been practicing the dances and songs since early September.

This week was performance week.   Since the school doesn't have a stage they rent one in the local big city.   So a 30 min drive from our house.   So Mon-Thur this week I had to take her and some of her friends on a 30 min each way drive then watched the play.   It was lots of fun to see the plays and most of the days didn’t care much about the drive.  Except Tuesday!   There was a HUGE snow storm and it was so super slippery and very scary to drive with 3 teenagers talking in the car.

Part of the cast

I did manage to eat good most of the week.   I even took the girls out for ice cream and didn't even have a taste.  

Friday we went to a local fundraiser for the children’s hospital.  They have people donate Christmas Trees and other Christmas items and then they display them for a weekend and auction off all the stuff off.   Because we donated a tree before, my kids love to go see all the new trees for the year.  

It is fun to go see but it is lots of walking.   After 2 hours of walking, we were all hot and tired.  So we went to where they sell treats.   They all decided to have frozen yogurt and I joined them.  So that food was not on diet but I needed something for me to eat.   It was lots of fun. 





Saturday Kilo took me to do massages and then dinner out with his family.   We went to our favorite stake house for dinner.   I had a small part of my fillet and broccoli.   It was a good dinner and still on diet. 

Over all it was a good but busy week.  I followed the diet really well still eating the 70-30 in the larger portions.  Weight didn’t change much but I measured so that we could see if I was losing inches.   So in a week or 2 I will measure again and see if I am losing there.

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