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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Pot holes

Today is Sunday and 4 days since I had the surgery.    I am starting to feel better.   I haven't had any pain pill of any kind since Thursday bedtime.   I don't really feel sore most of the time.   But once in a while I will move and get a stabbing pain.  Or a kid will bonk my computer chair and I get that stabbing pain.  The worst is driving.  I swear Kilo can find every pot hole around and hit it.  My van agrees as the small crack in my front window has almost tripled since I last drove it.

The boredom got to me yesterday.   So Mellissa convinced us to finally go see Percy Jackson.   I can sit at a theater just as much as I can sit at home.  There was a awesome theater by us before we moved that did 3 dollars for tickets then treats for a dollar.  That made it cheap enough to take the kids out and still get them treats without breaking the bank.   They had just opened another one of those up closer to us.  It is across the valley, by Kilo's office, but only a 15 min drive.   So the rest of the family had candy, popcorn, and soda and I had . . . . . a water bottle.

Since popcorn has been one of my MAJOR comfort foods for as long as I can remember the smell got to me.   I ate one handful, but I chewed them till the dissolved in my mouth.  Then I was good the rest of the movie.

I have found the last 2 days that I am super cold all the time.  Last winter I went around in a hoodie from the kids school and a scarf most days.  I only pulled out a real coat a few times.  Now it isn't really even cold yet and I am freezing.   2 pairs of sock, a hoodie, and scarf to sit at my desk.  And even then I have my little heater on.  The thermostat above my desk says 74 right now and I am still cold.

The swelling in my stomach has gone down.   How do I know?   I am STARVING.   The doctor didn't put any fill in the band when he put it in.   So now that the swelling is gone, I finish what I should eat and I am still so hungry.   There is no way I can eat the portions they say if they don't fill the band soon.   If I had the will power to not over eat I wouldn't have needed the band in the first place.

The neighbors are being so kind and bringing meals in every day till Thursday night.  Kilo and the kids are loving that someone is actually making them meals while I am down.   Mellissa cooks okay but Kilo doesn't like most of the things she makes.

Kilo said I should stay home and not go to church today.  The funny part of him having me stay home is that it means he had to have someone come help him teach our primary class.   He hates getting subs.   So he talked Mellissa into not only skipping her class to come to his class but to teach part of the lesson.   So wish I could hear how that is going.   Luckily our hard to handle boys all didn't come to class today.

CJbuddy is starting to get a cold.  He has been coughing and had a runny nose since Friday.   I think he might have given it to me.  My nose has started to be runny.   Not excited about that.  But I was excited that when I told him he didn't have to go to church because of the cough and he told me he wanted to go.  That is a huge thing for him as he usually tries anything to get out of it.

We are now headed to our normal Sunday night dinner at my moms house.   Not excited for the 45 min drive each way but excited to talk to people and feel like I am not trapped at home. 

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