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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Bored. I hate staying home!

See, this is why I am a terrible patient.  I am now 4 days post op and I am going CRAZY!   I can't sit and do nothing, for long, very well.  For the past few days I have slept a lot, watched movies, played minecraft with the kids, and played Facebook games.  I am now sick to death of all of those.   I want to drive and go places.

I did cheat on Friday.   Cjbuddy had a school fair on emergency preparedness, which they have been preparing for, since school started.  So my mom and sister drove me over and I sat in a chair moving as little as possible.   It is really important to him that I come to these things.  It was also nice to talk to someone else.

Logically I know that tomorrow is family dinner.  So once Kiloforce and the kids get home from church we are driving to my mom's.  I can then sit on her couch for the evening and talk to other people.  Then Monday we are going to the in-laws for dinner and games there.  By Tuesday I am hoping to feel good enough to get out and do things.

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