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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Surgery day is finally here

Finally the time has come for surgery.   The day before was really stressful for me.

I needed to make sure the kids were ready and all their events were arranged so that nothing was missed while I was down.  Since both CJbuddy and Erlop had scouts I needed to make sure they had rides to and from scouts.  Plus Erlop will not go without me so luckily Mellissa volunteered to go with her for me.  Plus they needed rides to and from school.  Since they go to a charter school they are too far from home to walk and we are not in a carpool because I have 4 kids (a full carpool in itself).   Luckily my sis-in-law agreed to come up here for the day and drive all the kids around to all the different things they are doing.

Tuesday was Discovery (regular educational fieldtrips) at the school for the 4-6 grade so I had volunteered, before surgery was scheduled, to help that day.  I wanted to help CJbuddy with his space camp but they had too many volunteers for that group and none for Photography.   So I went to Photography instead.   It was fun just not how I had planned to spend the day before surgery.

A huge thing I was stressed over was my house.   I have never been great at having a clean house.  (I hate cleaning and hate fighting the kids to do it more)  But since we had people bringing in meals to my kids for the first few days I wanted my house to be somewhat presentable.  I had planned on Kiloforce helping me finish up but he came home with an very upset stomach and decided to go to bed at 6:00.  Worthless.  :)

Finally I got everything done thanks to the enormous help of Mellissa and headed to bed knowing we need to be at the hospital at 6:15 am and it is an hour drive.

We get to the hospital in the morning and I am nervous and so acting kind of silly.   I talked to all the people also checking into same day surgery.   The nice old lady across from me asked me if I was signing in to have my baby.   She thought I was there for a c-section.   Just further proof why I was there.

Then they take us to a room to change and get ready.  They tried to get an IV and blood draw.   I am a big bleeder and have awesome veins.  (I know because I donate blood all the time, being O+)  but for the first time ever they poked me, my vein collapsed and they had to do it again on the other hand.   I had hit the point of neing very dehydrated.  It makes sense why I have been drinking so much if 7 hours of no water does that to me.

We sat and waited for about a hour then they finally came to get me.  Moved to a different bed and Kilofoce had to took this picture:
 Photo: Heading into surgery
So now I am thinking the surgery will happen quickly.  Nope.  Instead I sat in the hall of the operating floor for almost a hour (it felt longer but I didn't have a clock to know for sure).  The lady before me had fallen, getting to the hospital that morning, and had sprained her ankle setting my surgery's behind schedule. 

Finally they took me into the OR and had me move onto a different table.   Once I was settled and the anesthesiologist had asked a ton of questions he gave me a shot in my IV.

Next thing I remember I am in recovery.   Most of even that time is a blur.   I know the nurses talked to me and I drank some water but I kept falling back asleep.

At some point I was put in a room again at "same day surgery" with Kiloforce and was so thirsty.   I kept asking for more and more ice chips.   Kiloforce talked to me for a while and I think the tv was on.  Finally I was more awake and I had to use the rest room.   So get unhooked from monitors and wires and drag the IV with me.  When I come back out the nurse says we can go home.  

Kiloforce went and got the pain meds and the car after I got dressed and they took me down stairs.  We listened to a conference call that Kiloforce couldn't miss for work as we drove home.   The drive home wasn't well planned.   We left my van for sis-in-law and so took Kilo's sports car.   Dang you can feel EVERY bump in the road in that thing.  It was a hard drive home and I hurt really bad by the time we got there.

We arrived while sis-in-law was picking up the kids.  So I settled on the couch and waited on taking the good meds till after they came home.   Didn't want the little ones first sight to be me all drugged up.   Once I talked to each of them for a while and Kilo took the girls to scouts I took the meds.

I started to feel better and thought I should share on Facebook that I was home and doing okay.  So I took a picture and put it on Facebook.  I thought it was a good looking photo at the time.  Note to self DON'T EVER post on Facebook while drugged up.   What I thought was a good picture was terrible!!!
Photo: Sitting at home on my couch.   Happy to be home and comfy.

But I was home, on meds and I was doing okay.  I guess that was the important part.  

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